Stay safe and keep our crews safe

The safety of our community is a top concern. Learn how we're keeping you and our employees safe, including closing all SMUD buildings to the public.

To help reduce the risk of COVID-19, we've closed all buildings to the public. We'll handle all customer business online and via phone channels. This includes the Customer Service Center and lobby at 6301 S Street, Headquarters building and East Campus-Operations Center (EC-OC).

All SMUD outage response levels remain unchanged. All functions necessary to run the power system will operate as normal.

Customer service is available at 1-888-742-7683 for customer needs and to also handle business that may have required a visit.

Take precautions at home and in public

We've always been vigilant in maintaining a safe workplace and keeping our community safe. For tips in or around your home and work, review the CDCs tips to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Beware of scams and frauds

Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. For your safety, remember that we will never call you and direct you to a non-SMUD payment facility. We'll also never require a specific method of payment (wire transfer, money card, etc.) to pay your electric bill. Our field crews always carry photo ID and are happy to show it to you. We'll also never email you asking for financial information.

Learn how to identify scams