For Immediate Release: January 19, 2021

SMUD to light up buildings in amber to honor those lost to COVID-19

Sacramento, CA–SMUD joins the nation to honor lives lost to COVID-19. Beginning today, through Friday, January, 22, the iconic SMUD Headquarters building, the Customer Service Center on S Street and the East Campus Operations Center on Bradshaw Avenue will be lit in amber lighting in honor of COVID-19 victims.

“As an essential service provider, keeping our employees safe and the lights on are our top priorities,” said SMUD Board President Nancy Bui-Thompson. “While COVID-19 hasn’t negatively impacted SMUD’s operations, its workforce isn’t immune from the pandemic that has touched all segments of our community.”

Despite following all health and safety mandates, protocols, and best practices, many SMUD employees have been impacted either directly or by family members falling ill. Tragically, a SMUD employee died from COVID-19 complications last week. Flags were flown at half-staff at all SMUD buildings and truck booms in the Operations Yard were raised in remembrance.

“Our hearts break for all of the COVID-19 victims and their loved ones,” said SMUD CEO & General Manager Paul Lau. “We honor their memory and commit to continuing to protect the health and safety of our employees.”

As the sun sets at approximately 5:30 p.m. this evening, amber-tinted floodlights, pathway lights, eave lights and walkway lights will be turned on. The amber lights will shine bright every night through Friday.

Today, January 19th, at 5:30 p.m. local time, cities and towns across the country will illuminate buildings and ring church bells as part of a national moment of unity and remembrance. To participate, you can light a candle in your window or ring a bell. Please join our fellow Americans in this national ceremony as a collective moment of remembrance.

About SMUD

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