For Immediate Release: March 18, 2020

SMUD closing all buildings to the public in response to pandemic while continuing to provide electric service

COVID-19 measure shifts all customer business to self-service channels; Board meetings canceled

In response to the escalating concerns about public safety and the COVID-19 pandemic, SMUD is closing all buildings to the public and will handle all customer business online at and via phone channels. Most importantly though, while SMUD buildings will be closed to the public, all SMUD outage response levels remain unchanged and all functions necessary to run the power system will operate as normal.

The building closures are effective immediately through at least April 17 and include SMUD’s Customer Service Center and lobby at 6301 S Street, Headquarters building and East Campus-Operations Center.

SMUD has a full-service phone contact center staffed for customer needs and to also handle business that may have required a visit. Payment drop boxes are also open and functioning. SMUD remote pay stations are also available, but customers should be aware that these third-party locations could have altered hours. Last week, SMUD temporarily suspended disconnections in response to the pandemic. Information about how to connect with SMUD is available at

The SMUD Board of Directors has canceled its regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting March 19 and all Board Committee meetings until further notice. Going forward, SMUD will conduct its monthly Board meetings remotely until further notice. Board meetings will be audio streamed, and the public will have the opportunity to provide written comments to the Board on items on and of the agenda. For more information about SMUD Board meetings and how to participate visit

Many SMUD employees will not be working in their offices but instead working from their homes, again to minimize the risks associated with the COVD-19 pandemic. The building closures and work transition to remote locations minimizes risks to public and employee safety, and SMUD operations. SMUD, as an essential service provider, is committed to taking proactive measures to limit the risk of exposure for employees and the public, and to maintain reliable electric service for the Sacramento region.