For Immediate Release: January 26, 2018

State, regional and city officials celebrate SMUD SolarShares® agreements

Story: Officials representing seven different state, regional and local public agencies will gather at SMUD to celebrate the recent completion of Large Commercial SolarShares agreements amounting to over 93 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity that will be used to power their facilities in Sacramento County with 203 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of solar electricity annually.

Agreements that will be recognized include: 1) California Department of General Services, 74 GWh annually; 2) Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District and Sacramento Area Sewer District, 34 GWh annually; 3) Sacramento County Department of General Services, 30 GWh annually; 4) City of Sacramento, 28GWh annually; 5) Los Rios Community College District, 28 GWh annually, and 6) San Juan Unified School District, 9 GWh annually.

In total, the agreements encompass enough solar electricity to power approximately 22,000 homes per year. These commitments by public agencies in the Sacramento region to power their facilities with clean, renewable energy directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality.




SMUD Customer Service Center

Solar Room (Second Floor)      
6301 S St.
Sacramento, CA 95817
(Parking available in customer lot across from building)

 Interviews: SMUD Board President Gregg Fishman; CA DGS Director Daniel Kim; Sacramento County Supervisor and Regional San and SASD Board Member Patrick Kennedy; city of Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg; SMUD solar energy experts.
 Visuals: Nearby solar arrays, solar vehicles and other solar demonstration technology. B-roll and high-resolution photos of SolarShares arrays and public facilities included in the agreements are available.

Background: SMUD’s Large Commercial SolarShares program allows large businesses in the Sacramento region to purchase solar energy directly from SMUD. SMUD’s SolarShares program is the largest utility green pricing community solar program of its kind in the nation.

A community solar project is an agreement where an electric utility provides solar energy to a customer from arrays connected to the grid and in which the participant has all the rights to make the environmental and renewable claims from the power they use. This allows the customer to avoid developing and maintaining their own on-site solar facilities.

In total, SMUD SolarShares provides approximately 119 megawatts of solar electricity to business and residential customers in the Sacramento region.