For Immediate Release: September 19, 2017

SMUD helps AMPAC Fine Chemicals reduce their process chilling costs by nearly 30 percent

SMUD announced today that it worked with AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC) to help them upgrade their process chillers to new energy-efficient models that will reduce their process cooling costs by nearly 30 percent.

AFC, located in Rancho Cordova, California, manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients and registered intermediates for customers in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. AFC uses coolant (brine) that has been chilled to zero degrees Celsius or lower in their manufacturing processes.

SMUD energy experts met with AFC to document their existing chiller and to better understand the brine chiller requirements for their production needs. AFC ultimately installed two new chillers—one that cools brine to zero degrees Celsius and one that cools brine to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Because the new chillers were approximately 30 percent more efficient than their predecessors and will reduce AFC’s energy use by approximately 1.4 gigawatt-hours per year, SMUD provided a $150,000 incentive to assist with the upgrade via their Custom Incentives program.

“AFC continually strives to increase efficiency in all our operations, and SMUD is an important partner in that effort. SMUD was very helpful in identifying, quantifying and realizing energy-saving opportunities. I would highly recommend their Custom Incentives program,” commented Joshua Beno, AFC’s facilities manager.

“AFC wanted to reduce their energy use while maintaining their high-quality manufacturing standards,” said Ed Hamzawi, SMUD’s director of advanced energy solutions. “The cost savings associated with upgrading their chillers will make a notable difference to their bottom line, and we’re very pleased to help a local manufacturer with a long history in our region continue to thrive.”

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