For Immediate Release: March 16, 2017

SMUD opens new electric vehicle fast charger at Sacramento Valley Station

SMUD announced today that it has opened its fifth electric vehicle (EV) fast-charge station in the region at Sacramento Valley Station, Sacramento's newly renovated downtown transportation hub. By using technology that charges vehicles at 480 volts—four times that of a standard household outlet—fast-charge-capable vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Spark EV, BMW i3 and others can fill up about 80 percent of their batteries in 30 minutes or less. EV drivers will pay approximately $2 per "gallon" to charge up using the station—about 30 percent less than the current price of gasoline.

"We're installing these new fast chargers in strategic locations around the region to make it easy for drivers to go electric without worrying about where they'll get their next charge," said SMUD CEO & General Manager Arlen Orchard. "By using our new Sacramento Valley Station fast charger, many EV drivers will be able to make it all the way to the Bay Area without another charge. We're helping make EVs a practical alternative to gas-powered transportation."

SMUD has also offered special electric vehicle rates for home charging since 1993. Today when drivers charge with one of SMUD's EV rates, they'll pay around 60 cents equivalent per gallon when charging after midnight. Overall, drivers can save upwards of $1,800 per year by choosing an electric vehicle.

In addition, SMUD is currently offering drivers who buy or lease a new plug-in electric vehicle a $599 incentive—enough to cover the cost of charging for two years—or a free, high-powered Level II electric vehicle charger.

Environmental leadership is one of the SMUD Board of Directors' core values, and this project is the most recent result of a 25-year effort by SMUD to improve local air quality by advancing alternative-fuel transportation and cleaner power sources.