For Immediate Release: June 20, 2017

SMUD saves senior citizens from a broken air conditioner and a very hot night

SMUD emergency personnel fix the fuse problem no one else could

With temperatures soaring late Monday afternoon, the climate-control system at the Greenfair Apartments in Sacramento County still wasn’t working. It broke down Sunday. It was not a power issue but a problem with the building’s main air conditioner failing. Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services contacted SMUD to see if there was anything SMUD could do to help. While temperatures outside were over 100, inside the situation was quickly getting dire. The first floor temperature was 87 degrees and the upper most apartments were 95 degrees at 4:00 p.m.

As it turns out, the maintenance contractors could not repair the air-conditioning system because they needed a special fuse, which was being shipped overnight from a supplier in the Midwest. Knowing SMUD has a large and diverse stock of fuses, SMUD Emergency Preparedness personnel coordinated with SMUD’s warehouse folks and found the right-sized 400-amp, 250-volt fuse and delivered it. SMUD met with the contractors who installed it, and by early evening the contractors closed the circuit and the large air- conditioning unit kicked on, returning cool air to some very joyful residents.

Greenfair is a privately owned facility for Section 8 low-income senior housing on the former State Fairgrounds property. The multi-story, concrete building has 194 apartments and 225 residents. The residents are primarily Ukrainian immigrants who speak only their native language, with an average age of 80.

Temperatures are expected to remain in triple digits through Friday. There are many ways to stay cool and save money on the electric bill even in hot weather. Visit for details.