For Immediate Release: August 7, 2017

SMUD announces partnership with NEC and SpaceTime Insight to deliver smart energy solutions to Japanese electric companies

SMUD announced today that it has signed an agreement with NEC Corporation (NEC) and SpaceTime Insight (SpaceTime) to deliver smart energy solutions to Japanese electric power companies and others in the Asia Pacific region.

This new strategic partnership relies on the unique combination of SMUD’s industry-leading expertise in public power electric utility operations, customer service and environmental leadership; NEC’s advanced technology capabilities and experience with Japanese electric power companies; and SpaceTime’s advanced analytics applications.

“By combining the technology and expertise of leaders in three industries, we’re providing a suite of solutions that will immediately be best in class,” said SMUD CEO and General Manager Arlen Orchard. “We’re confident this new partnership will provide a very valuable service to electric power providers throughout the world and will help SMUD prepare for the new energy future.”

The collaboration will offer electric power companies in Japan an advanced asset management solution that will help them achieve higher levels of operational reliability, safety and efficiency. The companies will also offer emerging retail energy providers in Japan bundled smart energy products and services such as storage, energy management and electric vehicle charging controls. These products and services will provide customers with more control over their energy use and more opportunities to save money.

In the future, the three companies will work to develop innovative new energy technologies and to demonstrate these technologies in Sacramento. The Japanese electric market has been in a deregulation phase for the last several years. This transition has led to dozens of new entrants in the Japanese electric power market. Existing power companies have also began to diversify their businesses in an attempt to broaden their products and services, and provide a better customer experience. This partnership will help emerging and established Japanese electric companies succeed in this new environment.

SMUD is pursuing this partnership as part of a broader strategy to monetize its expertise in ways that will allow it to invest more in building out a modern energy grid that can successfully integrate more distributed and renewable energy sources and meet evolving customer needs, as well as improve the technology that SMUD customers use to monitor and manage their energy use.

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