Facilities and Security Operations

Facilities & Security Operations is a multifunctional organization supporting the needs of SMUD operating units. The department manages major development projects including renovation of SMUD's iconic Headquarters building. It builds and maintains SMUD facilities, delivers the mail and provides repro and printing services.

Terry Hicks, Director, Facilities & Security Operations


Workforce Health and Safety

Health & Safety Services provides customers and employees with responsible health and safety guidance and service, and promotes strategic directives and initiatives.

Patrick Durham, Director, Environmental Safety & Real Estate Services


Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion responsibilities include compensation and selection, labor relations, fair employment and payroll and benefits.

Laurie Rodriguez, Director


Organization Workforce Development

This department develops strategic programs, including learning and development approaches, to improve individual and organization effectiveness.

Michelle Frandsen, Senior Organization Development Specialist


Procurement, Warehouse and Fleet

This department provides purchasing and logistics support by facilitating best value procurement of goods and services for SMUD; managing warehouse space, equipment and labor for optimum operational efficiency.

Casey Fallon, Director, Procurement, Warehouse & Fleet


Environmental, Safety and Real Estate Services

Environmental, Safety & Real Estate Services ensures that SMUD conducts its business in a way that is safe, and responsible to the public and to the environment.

Pat Durham, Director