Countdown to carbon-free

Why is carbon-free important?

Children in the Sacramento region are

22 % more likely

to develop asthma than an average American child

Sacramento was ranked the

6 th worst

city in the nation for air pollution

In the 2020 J.D. Power Sustainability Study

82 % of SMUD customers

said they believe climate change can be reduced

Leading the way to a cleaner future

With smoke and ash from wildfires and other impacts from climate change, Sacramento has some of the dirtiest air in the country.

That's why we're committed to eliminating 100% of our greenhouse gas emissions from our electric generation by 2030. We know that providing carbon-free energy is essential to improving our air quality and creating a better, cleaner environment.

It also puts us on the map as an environmental leader, attracting innovative businesses and creating new jobs.

Our children, grandchildren and future generations need us to do the right thing now, so that they can enjoy a Clean PowerCity℠ in the future. 

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We'll continue our commitment to provide safe and reliable power at rates that are among the lowest in California.

Keeping our employees, customers and community safe is our top priority.
We work hard to make sure you enjoy some of the lowest rates in California.

We're constantly working to avoid outages by ensuring and improving reliability for our region.

Creating a carbon-free community

About half of our power already comes from carbon-free sources. See how we’ll get to 100%.

See how our power sources will change by 2030

Over the next 9 years, we'll transform where your power comes from.

Here's how we'll accomplish our goal:

  1. We'll take two plants offline by 2025 and switch others to alternative fuel sources.
  2. We’re increasing our amount of renewables and battery storage by 3.5 times.
  3. We'll adopt new technologies and be part of innovative projects and programs.
  4. We'll expand partnerships and grants to offset additional costs and keep rates low.

We’re moving toward zero carbon with equity in mind to ensure we meet our goal in an inclusive way through incentives, low-income programs, working with our Sustainable Communities partners and more.

If you're interested in learning more, our 2030 Zero Carbon Plan details what we'll do to reach our goal.

See our Zero Carbon Plan       Read our Road to zero blog

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Join us as we work towards a carbon-free future.

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