Charge Up Change!

It's cool to drive electric.

Charge Up Change! is a middle school video competition, designed  to encourage young people to research and learn about electric transportation.  The challenge is to create a short video that is less than 2 minutes to demonstrate why electric vehicles are cool.

Competition rules

2021 winners

2021 was the third year that SMUD sponsored this competition. Some students worked in teams and there were 36 students that participated.

Schools that participated:

  • Alice Birney
  • Brookfield School
  • David Lubin Elementary School
  • Edward J Harris Middle School
  • Folsom Middle School
  • Mills Middle School
  • Sacramento Country Day School
  • Sutter Middle School (Folsom)
  • Sutter Middle School (Sacramento) 
  • Will Rogers Middle School
  • Winston Churchill Middle School

First place

Eliza Philip, Folsom Middle School

Second place

Judah Wollwerth, Sutter Middle School (Folsom)

Third place

Charlotte Brown and Eryn Roddy, David Lubin Elementary School

Fourth place

Rohan Gopinath, Folsom Middle School

Fifth place

Reena Prasad, Mills Middle School


2020 was the second year of this competition and was open to middle school students in SMUD’s service area. There were 32 applicants and 18 videos submitted. Some students participated in teams.

Schools that participated:

  • Folsom
  • Folsom Charter
  • Gold River Discovery
  • John Barrett
  • Kit Carson
  • Mills
  • Natomas Charter
  • Robert L. McCaffrey
  • Sutter
  • Toby Johnson
  • Will Rogers
  • Winston Churchill

School Districts that participated:

  • Elk Grove Unified School District
  • Folsom Cordova Unified School District
  • Galt Unified School District
  • Natomas Unified School District
  • Sacramento City Unified School District
  • San Juan School District

First place: Joel Phillip

Winston Churchill
San Juan Unified School District 

image of first place video by Joel Phillip 

Second place: Quinn Gordon

Natomas Charter
Natomas Unified School District 

image of second place video by Quinn Gordon 

Third place: Garrott Roddy

Kit Carson
Sacramento City Unified School District 

image of third place video by Garrott Roddy 

Fourth place: Jacob Wollwerth, James Msechu and Rohan Chivukula

Sutter Middle School
Folsom Cordova Unified School District 

image of fourth place video by Jacobe Wollwerth, James Msechu and Rohan Chivukula

Fifth place: Grace Timmons

Folsom Charter
Folsom Cordova Unified School District 

image of fifth place video by Grace Timmons

Thanks to all the students that participated in this competition. We know that this year has been especially challenging and we are so proud of each and every one of you.

All the students that submitted a video will receive a family pass to the California Automobile Museum and the winners will receive scholarships at a virtual ceremony held early next year.

Congratulations to all!


First place: Jacob Wollwerth and James Msechu

Sutter Middle School, Folsom

image of first place video by Jacob Wollwerth and James Msechu

Second place: Grace Timmons

Folsom Cordova Charter

Second place video image from Grace Timmons

Third place: Garrott Roddy, Liam Tudor and Tyler Woodhill

Kit Carson, Sacramento

Epiphany third place video

Fourth place: Poorvaja Panneerselvan

Sutter Middle School, Folsom

EV video fourth place

Fifth place: Kaitlyn Dias

Sacramento County Day School, Sacramento

EV SMUD movie fifth place video