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Looking for a green energy program for your business? You can choose to have your electricity met with up to 100% renewable and carbon-free energy sources. This gives your business with an easy, affordable way to support carbon-free and renewable energy and be recognized for your commitment to the environment.

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Notice: Our Greenergy Partner ($5 per MWh) Program is closed for new enrollments
I want to participate in the Greenergy Partner level and pay an extra $5 per MWh to have my electricity usage met with renewable resources from the Western Region of the United States. This level provides an easy, low cost way to demonstrate compliance in corporate sustainability objectives.
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Power Content Label

Get more information about the power content label for SMUD-supplied electricity from the California Energy Commission (CEC) by calling 1-800-555-7794 or visiting their website.

Your voluntary Greenergy membership charge will be added to your regular monthly electric bill and will appear under the Electric Service Charges/Credits section.  You can change or cancel your Greenergy level of participation at any time by calling us at 1-877-622-7683 and ask for a Commercial Account Representative.